Acute Wounds

ALTRAZEAL is most effective when used on exuding, non-infected wounds. See Full Prescribing Information for indications and contraindications. Health care providers should always follow their institution’s protocol.

Acute Wounds

ALTRAZEAL offers proven benefits to promote healing in acute wounds, including those caused by

  • Surgery
  • Trauma

While surgical wounds and traumatic wounds may differ greatly, they share certain similarities that are quite distinct from chronic wounds.

  • For example, unless the patient is known to have a preexisting medical condition that may compromise healing or promote infection (eg, diabetes or HIV) the surgical or traumatic wound is unlikely to present the challenges to healing that a chronic wound might
  • Unlike some chronic wounds that can be relatively small, surgical and traumatic wounds can be larger, requiring greater areas of closure and healing and more new tissue to be regenerated
  • Surgical incisions, of course, take place in controlled sterile conditions, while traumatic injury is likely to present with a contaminated wound area, greatly increasing the risk of infection
  • ALTRAZEAL protects the wound from infection, promotes rapid healing, and has been used successfully in large surgical and traumatic wounds