Burn Case Study

Burn Wound Case Study*


A 6-year-old male patient presented with bilateral partial thickness burns to the legs representing approximately 10% total body surface area (TBSA). The burn on left leg was just short of circumferential. The red, partial thickness wounds were clean, with no infection noted, and no cellulitis. The wounds were very painful on first inspection—pain was rated as 9 out of 10 on the Visual Analog Scale (VAS). No other concomitant injuries or health issues were noted.

The initial burn clinic visit was 3 days post-burn (PBD 3). A silver sulphadiazine (SSD) dressing had been used for 2 days prior to clinic visit, and changed QD. The SSD dressing was adequate, with no infection noted. A buildup of “pseudoeschar” was noted and cleaned. The SSD pseudoeschar was debrided on initial clinic visit. The SSD dressing was extremely painful, and patient compliance was an issue.

Treatment with ALTRAZEAL

Patient began treatment with ALTRAZEAL on PBD 3. ALTRAZEAL transforming powder dressing was poured from one 5-gram pouch, and light saline was applied. A small amount of ALTRAZEAL was added to cover “wet” saline areas. ALTRAZEAL aggregate was allowed to set for 5 minutes. Coverage appeared to be complete, but the patient was complaining of pain and crying before application, so application was done quickly—in about three minutes. A secondary dressing of Conformant and Kerlex was applied.


Pain relief was almost immediate post application, and dropped from 9 out of 10 to 2 out of 10 on the VAS. The patient calmed very quickly and his crying stopped. Attending staff was very impressed with ease of application and immediate pain relief.

The next patient visit was day 9 (PBD 12) and islands of the ALTRAZEAL remained in place from the initial application. The remaining small areas of ALTRAZEAL were softened with the application of saline-soaked Kerlex for several minutes and then were removed without incident.

The burn was completely healed at the day 9 (PBD 12) clinic visit. A topical moisturizer was recommended. The child’s parents were very satisfied with the dressing and commented on the ease of care and lack of pain for their son. The physician commented “Wow…it’s closed!” and was very pleased with the ease of use, patient compliance, pain control and (short) length of treatment.

*Case study courtesy of Dhaval Adhvaryu, MD, FACS, Baton Rouge, LA.