Venous Leg Ulcers

ALTRAZEAL is most effective when used on exuding, non-infected wounds. See Full Prescribing Information for indications and contraindications. Health care providers should always follow their institution’s protocol.

Transforming the treatment of venous leg ulcers

A venous leg ulcer is a chronic wound on the leg which fails to heal.

Venous leg ulcers often occur as a result of poor circulation leading to stasis dermatitis, a buildup of fluid under the skin. As fluid builds up, it makes it difficult for the bloodstream to maintain healthy cell nutrition. The skin becomes fragile and may form open sores—ulcers—that are resistant to healing.1

ALTRAZEAL Transforming Powder Dressing can help promote healing in venous leg ulcers through its high moisture vapor transpiration rate, and bacterial protection. Because many patients with venous leg ulcers may have compromised mobility, ALTRAZEAL is an excellent treatment choice because it is comfortable and flexible – it is designed with properties to simulate skin covering a wound bed.

With ALTRAZEAL, there is little risk of damage to fragile skin upon dressing removal, because it does not require adhesives and, in most cases, no secondary dressing is required. ALTRAZEAL is designed to easily flake off as the wound heals and new epidermis forms beneath the dressing or from the wound margins. If it becomes necessary to remove the dressing, simply re-hydrate ALTRAZEAL with sterile saline, and it lifts gently off the wound without harming sensitive skin.

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